Preventative Medicine

This is the part we love!  Any time we can prevent disease in your companions provide a win!  This includes new puppy and kitten visits and routine yearly examinations and vaccinations.  We also provide many options to look for diseases early to help your aging pet live a more comfortable life.

Internal Medicine

We provide a wide range of internal medicine diagnostics and services.  These include, but are not limited to, in-house blood work, in-house cytology, and in-house radiology.  We can also recommend and send out specialty  lab work when it is warranted.   


WE NOW HAVE DIGITAL X-RAY!  Digital radiology allows us to be able to take x-rays quickly.  The amount of detail seen on digital x-rays greatly improves diagnostic ability.


We have the ability to perform many different surgeries, from routine spays and neuters to emergency procedures.  Dr. Cox has a special interest in soft tissue surgeries including but not limited to eyelid surgeries, intestinal foreign body, abdominal organ biopsy, cystotomy,  C-sections, vulvoplasty, and skin mass removals.

Dental Procedures

Dental disease is by far the most common disease we see in dogs and cats.  Keeping their teeth and gums healthy is vital to helping them live a longer, happier life.  We will let you know if your pet would benefit from having a dental procedure with a physical exam.  Dental and oral procedures do require general anesthesia.  During this time, the teeth and gums are examined closely.  We will provide recommendations that may include extractions of disease teeth.  Healthy teeth are then cleaned and polished.

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